Namëna Biosciences, and its distributor ProSanté, Inc., were pleased to launch their new Biosync™ Tailored Release™ line-up of bio-targeted vitamins at this year’s CHFA West 2018 Show.

Mississauga, ON, March 1, 2018 – Biosync™ Tailored Release™ solution-based products are focused on delivering vitamins at the right time, to the right place using the optimal delivery method to maximize bioavailability.

“I was pleased to see so many stores that currently carry our Ignite-SX™ line-up. Its selling very well in this channel.” says Dr. John S. Andrews, CEO of Namëna Biosciences. “People trust our products because they know the level of scientific support that we provide to Health Canada when applying for our NPNs. There is a reason we get 4 & 5 year shelf lives on our supplements.”

“For stores looking to carry this product now, they can reach out to us at” says Greg Staley, General Manager of ProSanté, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Biosync and Ignite-SX in Canada.

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